To help allow a highly vulnerable community to blossom

Money doesn’t come easily within our community. As such, thank you for considering donating.

By donating here, your funds will be deposited into the Celestial Fund, a pool of money that I use to organize initiatives and events. Currently, funds are being used to administrate the Trans ID Clinic and to help create the 2023 Montreal Trans March. In the future, I hope to be able to use these funds as a way to help ensure that the community thrives, in ways that grants will never be able to fulfill — for example, by directly paying for birth certificates and providing other forms of direct aid to the community. I will not spend any money donated for personal gain; however, I might transfer funds to other community organizations if I am not in a position where I’m able to best support everyone.

If you want to donate to me (Celeste) specifically, please do so here instead by following this link. If you wish to spread the love, don’t hesitate to share this page around in your personal and social networks!

Thank you once again! With love,