Information center on legal transitions in Quebec

Welcome to the Legal Transition Knowledge Base (LTKB), a resource developed by Celeste Trianon to explain the legal transition process in the province of Quebec, as well as in Canada.

Name changes can be a complicated process, and this is especially true in Quebec for trans migrants and other people facing intersectional violence. The amount of bureaucratic paperwork one must go through is also a routine struggle. Getting one’s true name on one’s IDs is often times a great relief: it can bring to a screeching halt the consistent misgendering and deadnaming that would otherwise be commonplace.

This website is directly connected to the Quebec Trans ID Clinic, a drop-in service using which you can receive on-the-spot support, accompaniment, and Commissioner for Oaths services for your change of name, of gender marker, or of any other applicable administrative procedures.

This page is mostly going to be a table of contents to point you towards the information you need. Don’t know where to begin? Start off by using the Preface (in French only) to determine which procedure(s) you’ll need!

Questions? Comments? Insults? Send an email to celeste (at/à) to transmit a message.


Getting Started

Out-of-province ties

I’m done. Now what?

  • Waiting for your name and/or gender marker change certificate
  • Checklist: Where do I need to change my name?
  • Changing your name and/or gender marker with the Quebec government
    • RAMQ (Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec)
    • SAAQ / Driver’s license
  • Changing your name and/or gender marker at the federal level
  • Applying your Quebec name or gender marker change abroad