Speaking Engagements

Sought after by colleges, universities and nationwide conferences, Celeste is open to all sorts speaking engagements. Even though her specialty revolves around trans people and the law, and her particular experience as a trans youth activist, she can also speak on a variety of other topics, notably:

  • hate speech, ‘crimes’, and in particular anti-trans hate, both in Quebec and across Canada;
  • trans inclusion, justice, and liberation at large;
  • youth activism and social action;
  • trans people within the field of law.

She is open to giving all sort of speeches — whether keynotes, presentations, conferences, panels, or research interviews. She does speaking engagements in English and in French. You may reach out to her by email at celeste (at/à) juritrans.ca to book her for a speech.


Upcoming and previous speaking engagements

Here are a few examples of speaking engagements Celeste has given before, or will be giving soon!


Name of speaking engagement Date & time Location More info
The Trans Experience of Law and the Appearance of Neutrality («L’expérience trans du droit et l’apparence de neutralité») November 24, 2023 (2 PM) UQÀM, Montréal TBA
Fighting a Legislature: The Battle against Quebec Bill 2 September 17, 2023 Enchanté Network conference (Delta Hotels Ottawa Centre) Click here
The Fight for Trans Rights August 5, 2023 (10 AM) PRISME Conference (McCarthy Tétrault, Montréal)

Click here (recording not available)

Dawson College Women/Gender Studies Graduation Ceremony Keynote May 15, 2023 Dawson College (Montréal) [Private, but will be recorded!]
Are you kidding us? Anti-trans hate in 2023? March 28, 2023 (7:30 PM) Ask Women Anything (Bar Robo, Ottawa) Click here (recording not available)
Academic Freedom: How will Bill 32 affect the future of universities in Quebec? March 7, 2023 (6:30 PM) Concordia University School of Community and Public Affairs

Click here (recording not available)



The lower end of the fee schedule shown below are meant for non-profits and community-based initiatives. Prices equally vary depending on the amount of preparation necessary. I can make exceptions to this scale — including presenting for a nominal sum of $1 — at my own discretion.

Type of speaking engagement Fee (CAD)
Research interview / consultancy work $75 – 330 / hour 
Panel $75 – 990 / hour
Conference / presentation / workshop Email for rates
Keynote speech Email for rates


  • All presentations can be done either virtually (through Zoom or other videoconferencing software) or in person. For the latter, do factor in travel expenses separately (email for more info); I’m based out of Montréal, QC, Canada.
  • Expect a surcharge for recorded presentations (other than for public keynotes).
  • A minimum $150 surcharge applies per incident if people say intentionally transphobic things to me during a session.

Contact celeste (at/à) juritrans.ca for more information!